Integrated Products | REAL Group

As an integrated manufacturer, we have a captive sponge iron plant, steel melting shop, rolling mill, wire drawing mill, power plant units, and eco brick plants in-house. Using these facilities to process the raw materials we are able to control and tailor the smallest of parameters while producing TMT bars and Wire products for our clients’ specific needs.

Sponge Iron
Using the highest quality raw materials - DRCLO iron ore and high-grade coal, we are able to manufacture sponge iron with FeM higher than industry averages.
Using a significantly high FeM Sponge Iron as raw material, our billets are produced by controlling all the parameters in our steel melting shop to achieve customer’s chemical specification requirements.
We generate electricity through WHRS (Waste heat recovery System), which translates waste hot air from the kiln into steam, hence generating power. We have additional FBC Boilers for additional requirements.
Eco Bricks
Using fly ash from our DRI plants, we produce high quality and environment friendly substitutes to regular bricks. Eco-bricks are cheaper, more durable and significantly stronger than regular bricks.
Raw Materials
(Coal & Iron ore)
DRI plant
Sponge iron
Steel melting shop
Manufacturing Process
Direct Hot Charging
Rolling mill
TMT rebars & wire rods
Wire Drawing Unit
HB Wire
Binding Wire
GI Wire